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Instructional Design Portfolio

  Building Connections and Scaffolding Learning through Instructional Design

In over eight years of experience in developing, delivering, and coordinating curriculum and learning in a variety of diverse environments (online, blended, and face-to-face), I have discovered core competencies inherent in effective curriculum resources: 

  • Research-based
  • Authentic (direct application to the learner’s field of practice and experiences)
  • Student-centered (focused on student needs and direct involvement)
  • Engaging (Use of technology and media, meeting the learner on their plane).

 This portfolio explores the diverse field of instructional design ranging from design reports (using a variety of models), to actual projects used in curriculum, to classroom supplemental materials, to professional development presentations.

Needs Assessments

As a part of a program evaluation project, with an online group, this needs analysis was created to assess an administrator training program for a school district.  The first file is a written report and the second is an Excel spreadsheet (see tab 2 for budget analysis of the project). 

To satisfy doctoral program requirements, this scholarly project begins with a proposal to create an Online Career and Business Education Consortium.  The associated reports show the needs assessment created and the implementation and evaluation measures for the project.

Course and Unit Plans

Writing Samples

Project/Curriculum Samples
These samples have been particularly effective because not only have they allowed students to connect content to their individual experiences but they have also been able to incorporate elements of course content with everyday business skills.

Presentation Materials

Supplemental Classroom Materials

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