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Opening Day for Edu-Blognology!

March 26, 2009

Opening DayThe excitement of the inaugural post is almost as exciting as Opening Day for baseball (almost).  Ok, so there is no pageantry and no dignitary like Woodrow Wilson to throw out the ceremonial first pitch but there is defiantly some excitement.  Each new season brings uncertainty about the potential of the team.  Similarly, there is also much uncertainty about the potential of the blog (although much of the uncertainty is generated by foreign language that is blog terminology or blargon).  Why compare the inaugural post of Edu-Blognology to Opening Day of baseball?

baseball-bulletThe Promise of a new season: While I am by no means a blognoscenti (an especially knowledgeable blogger) I am working to build a new knowledge base in the area of Education Technology and this blog is a great playing field for organizing and trying out new ideas as I accumulate them.  I am but a humble blogther (a fellow blogger) but who knows, I might have a few ideas in development that I can call up from the minors before the season is over!


baseball-bulletA new game plan and a new line-up:  My personal blogplan (or game plan) is not focused on having a blaudience but to create a space to develop ideas, readings, and new things that I have learned that I would like to remember and use again.


baseball-bulletPost-season series, Pennant, MVPs, and Awards: I may not ever be a blogstar (a blogger running a popular blog), a SOB (Successful and Outstanding Blogger), or even win a bloggie (an annual blogging award), but I will have a space to use for teaching classes, professional development, and personal development of new ideas – and maybe some collaboration from other fellow Ed Technologist blogthers! 


So here comes the windup, delivery, and the first pitch.  Only time will tell if I have the “bat speed” to keep up with the blogthers but the only way to find out is to dig in to the batter’s box and get ready for “the heat” from the mound!

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